La Dolce Vita: Creating the Sweet Life After 50!

Secrets from Roma on how to live, love, laugh and thrive!

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Wednesday, May 8th

12:00pm EST/ 11:00am CST /9:00am PST 

In less than 60 minutes, learn ancient Roman secrets on extreme self-care to lay the foundation of creating a more passionate, present, and purposeful life as you journey into your next and best chapter.

Led by the author of Enlightened Rome, Diane Van Buren.

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The 4 Secrets you will learn in this Powerful Masterclass

  • Lascia Stare/ Riposo: How to use the power of rest to boost the brain and increase clarity. Find out how to let go of negativity and attachments to decrease fear and anxiety so that you can enjoy more freedom and peace in your everyday life!  
  • Fare Una Passeggiata: Mindful movement tools that increase vitality, longevity and happiness so that you can have more energy and fun!  
  • La Dolce di Far’ Niente/ Spontaneita: Discover how to stay young at heart by practicing spontaneity, finding your passion, and stepping into your soul’s true calling.  
  • Apprezzi /Bask: Learn the art of basking, being present to culture and the arts as forces of inspiration for creating new ideas and brilliance.

and much more...

About Diane Van Buren

Creative Transformation Coach and Renaissance Woman Diane Van Buren is an Inspirational. Speaker, Italy Travel Blogger and author. Diane’s work spans architecture, urban planning, landscape design to sculpture, photography and literary arts. Her new book, Enlightened Rome:Discover the Magic of Piazzas and Public Spaces in Rome, Italy, explores urban squares whose arts influence peoples’ lives every day. Diane incorporates her lifelong love of travel, especially to amazing destinations with deep-rooted indigenous cultures in all of her work. She understands that the arts and travel are highly powerful catalysts for personal development. She leads small groups on Immersive Journeys to Rome and other fascinating destinations.

What my students are saying...

“This master class is exactly what I needed right now. It is so on point!” – Karen P. 

“Diane’s personal story is so inspiring, - it touched me.” – Susan R.  

“Awesome! Listening to Diane made me feel on fire!” – Marlee E.  

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